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Sankofa African Drum and Dance Company is a Tennessee based performing arts company whose mission is to rally communities around the beat of the drum to unify, heal and inspire.


The symbol of Sankofa is that of a bird whose head is faced in the opposite direction of its body.  Even though the bird is advancing, it periodically makes it a point to examine or return to its past, since this is the only way for one to have a better future. 


Sankofa African Drum and Dance Company was founded by Maria Estes Hall in 2007 after receiving a call to organize the best of the best African Drummers and Dancers in the Tennessee area for a showcase. Little did she know, that show would birth a performing arts company that has now developed into the premier African Drum and Dance Company in Tennessee. 


In addition to self-producing an annual Kwanzaa concert (since 2013) to sell-out crowds each year; Sankofa performs throughout the City of Nashville and the surrounding area frequently, at festivals, schools, community events and private events. They also host weekly community classes for adults and children in Nashville. 


Sankofa is firmly rooted in educating and cultivating an appreciation for African culture and music. Sankofa understands the power of Unity and utilizes the medium of African Drum and Dance to tear down barriers that tend to divide communities. Sankofa believes that a community that drums and dances together stays together. 


Company Members:


  • Adrian "Flexx" Couch

  • Tasha "Alaba" Mitchum

  • Hadiyah Rose

  • Matumbe Himons

  • Mikki Mituku

  • Nailah Ajamu

  • Jaacalyn Davis

  • Saaneah Jamison

  • Lala Majeed

  • Kamilah Ajamu

  • William Lawrence

  • Baba Musa

  • Zyon Smith

  • Dana Fields

  • Nomalanga Eniafe

  • Omahdi Eniafe

  • Obayana Ajanaku

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